Human Resource and Recruitment consulting Service

best Recruitment consulting company In Kolkata West bengal

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best Recruitment consulting company In Kolkata West bengal

Large and small organizations depend on internal teams to source and recruit high-quality talent, and with such a daunting task, even the best sourcing teams may need support. Advisorce is one of the industry-leading recruitment process solutions providers. We work as an extension of your hiring team to craft the right recruitment strategies and processes. With a focus on methodology, measurable results, and flexible solutions, we effectively manage the shortlisting, screening & evaluation process.

After the talent scouting, we put the shortlisted candidates on your team for the final selection round. Upon final decision, we manage the offers, acceptance, and onboarding for you. Our recruitment process solutions simplify the hiring procedure through an end-to-end hiring process controlled digitally through our HRMS system.

Whether you are looking for a specific talent, launching a new program, or opening a new facility, our project hiring staffing solutions involve working with your company specifications and requirements and making them the top priority of the talent acquisition process. Our professionals strive to ensure you have the right candidates to meet specific job profiles and plan initiatives so your project goes off without a hitch.

Payroll & Compliance:

Many companies previously relied on an in-house delivery model to service their payroll operations. Still, these days, organizations leverage technology for an efficient and unified payroll or face increased costs, unnecessary labor, and even compliance issues.