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Do you change your people, or change the way your people work?

From employee health and safety to exceptional people experiences, the boundaries of HR are shifting in real-time. HR teams must migrate from the services that have defined HR historically to the new people services that will define the function for years to come.

In the face of the disruptive forces changing the working world, organizations need to become much more adaptable to rapid change — and they need their people to be flexible and agile to match, at a time when it’s getting harder to source, manage, motivate and retain talent while controlling costs.

 Advisorce People Advisory Services professionals can help you effectively harness your people agenda as part of an integrated business strategy. This can translate into a competitive advantage by helping you get the right people, with the right capabilities, in the right place, for the right cost, and doing the right things.

  • Organization and Workforce Transformation
  • Integrated workforce mobility
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Workforce transactions and M&A
  • Private Tax Services
  • Learning and development advisory
  • Culture, talent, and leadership

Advisorce Talent Source - Artificial Intelligence

(AI) based Digital Hiring Solution 

An AI-powered digital accelerator that helps organizations reduce the time to hire, improve candidate experience, and enhance the quality of hire.

How Advisorce can enhance your quality of hire?

Advisorce Talent Source, an AI-powered digital accelerator, can help your organization to identify the ‘right’ profile to hire, source profiles from the ‘right sources’, and provide capabilities of faster screening and longer retention of employees. The solution can help to:

  • Define the customized role profile that is best suited to be successful in the organization’s context

  • Identify the various channels through which such a profile can be sourced and hired

    • Develop customized screening/hiring workflows leveraging matching and ranking, chat-bots, assessments, bot-based interviews, and interview schedulers to reduce the overall time to hire

      • Integrate the improved hiring process as part of the organization's DNA through training, communication, and other change management interventions

        • Create customized dashboards and reports in line with the organization's needs

          • Anchor data governance to initiate and sustain data-backed people decisions

            • Monitor the progress of hiring, retention, and performance improvement to meet pre-defined targets